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The Perfect weapon for a zombie apocalypse or maybe just for your best friend's birthday party
Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors and a very funny man have now officially confirmed that his company The Boring Company is now selling a flamethrower. Their first product, The Flamethrower is now up on pre-orders for a whopping $500 price tag and he also says that this is the 'World's safest fire-breathing weapon'. Then too if something ever goes wrong he s also selling a $300 BRANDED fire extinguisher too...

There are 20,000 units on sale and it is legal by law ( If someone ever has any doubts, at least in the US)

Elon Musk has not yet turned to why he has launched it (apart from the funny tweet he has released) whatever the reason be we see it's clicking the market, maybe due to Elon Musk's magic marketing idea's or maybe people might be thinking that this is far better than spending $1000 on a smartphone (Oh no Apple, I didn't mean about the iPhone X)

Here have a look at his 'safe' weapon in action...!

Source: The Boring Company

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