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The big G has amazed the tech world past year with a new tag line "Made By Google" The original Pixel (as most would like to refer) have always been praised for their photographic capabilities
The Nexus line up was off course well praised by Android Enthusiasts who used android phones for the love of android, The pure vanilla UI, smoothness and mainly for the faster android updates.

   Google combines all of this and kills the Nexus line up for a further refined product,Something that google exercises a bit more control of the hardware as well and that's how the whole idea of Pixel series came up! Without further due let's dive deep into the review :)


When we talk Pixel we talk camera and that's what Google has always fascinated us with. If you remember the original pixel when during it's launch had crashed all the numbers of mobile photography with a whooping 89 score on DxO Mark, which is leading benchmarks for the cameras. It had many praises at that time from various people all over the world. Google continues the same trend for its 2017 Pixel flagships, For google its about the software optimisations like advanced algorithms and AI assisted HDR+ capabilities as such improves the overall photographic abilities of the device. This year Google is also proud to present their in house image processor "The Pixel Visual Core" which is dedicated for smoother and faster image processing and also help a ton in the HDR+ shots which in turn transalates into pixel perfect low light shots.

Google has changed the level by not introducing a dual cam setup and thus completely depending upon its pre written algorithms and Advanced machine learning terchniques,it is able to bring out wonderful portrait shots..... (spoilers- even with the front cam and that too in the extreme low light conditions as well)


The next big thing about the device is of course the internals. the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4 Gigs of RAM and two storage variants with 64 or 128 GB and sadly there is no memory expansion provided (which might not be an issue considering its a pixel device...we ll get into that later) and yeah for all those audiophiles out there yeah it ain't have a jack. So if u are that kinda person, sadly this is not the one for you and if you are not, moving on..... ..

The Pixel 2 comes with a 5-inch AMOLED screen with a traditional 1920*1080 16:9 resolution. It wouln't have been bad if it ain't had those huge bezels all around it, It doesn't matter me much though
and with its bigger brother its entirely a different sad story though :(

Talking Pixel 2 s display it gets well lit on sunny days and produces some crisp and contrast images with deep blacks and it is not an over saturated display as you might see on some other smartphones such as the Galaxy S8 or of the iPhone X but surely it ain't the dumbest too....

Batter life also used to be good enough for a device having a 2700mAh thanks to the optimisations google had up it sleeves. For me it averaged at about  6 hrs on the typical days and around 3.30 - 4 Hrs on the most busy days. Thanks to google's Rapid Charge which helps you to get a full days power in about 15 mins.


When it comes to the design aspect Google tends to stick to its older sibling offering a glasss and plastic ish back and some radio bands at the top and bottom rounded edges . The most sad part of the "Made By Google - 2017 thing" is that the whole design langugae is not suitable for the 2017 standards. The camera also suffers from a tit bump anyhow :(


The hardware is most common to all and some might even say that its 2017 and 4GB RAM is a joke,but with Google's vanila android or should I say Pixel Experience is more optimised than you can probabaly guess. Google uses machine learning and allocates the RAM and CPU clussters to the needs and thus making everything u see glide through in like a piece of butter. After all software is what makes Google stands out in the competition na! Google also learns more from you and optimises which all apps you want in memory and it gets beter with time when its with you :)

Additional Perks

With a Pixel device Google gives you free cloud storage for all your HD photos and 4K videos captured on your Pixel completely free till 2020 at full resolution.Plus these Pixel devices are never to get outdated in terms of software support for a 3 year period and along with security patches for another 2 years.Google assiatant works smooth along with the Google Lens (still in Beta ish) and the squeeze feature ( which is my personal fav). The dual front facing stero speakers also helps in the multimedia and also Daydream support is a huge plus for many day dreamers :)

Wrap UP

Pixel 2 is an Android fanboy's dream,It has all the minimalstic features one wants plus being opensource extends the possibilty of customisation into extremeness! This phone is a camera centric person's dream and the added water resistance also counts in to making it a close to perfect phone. The fingerprint sensor is the fastest ever we've seen in any android smartphone as well till date.

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