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2018 was a year of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency investments. This year we saw cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, LiteCoin etc skyrocketing to very high values. Also, This year witnessed the launch of 100 plus new cryptocurrencies. If you are new to investing in cryptocurrencies this is the perfect guide for you. Here in this article, i will suggest few new cryptocurrencies to watch out in 2018.

P.S I will be discussing only about the coins which did its first trade in 2017

1) Bitcoin Cash 

Bitcoin Cash did its first trade on 2017-08-01. Bitcoin Cash was a result of bitcoin scalability debate which led to the cryptocurrency split on Aug 1st of 2017. A group of Bitcoin Community members stated that adopting BIP 91 without increasing the block-size limit would simply delay the scalability of Bitcoin. Bitman initiated a split from Bitcoin with a block size limit of eight megabytes. It can help in increasing the number of transactions a ledger can process. 

Bitcoin cash started trading at 760USD and on the 5th of August, it went down to 206USD. After getting supports from mining community the demand increased and the price touched 3075 USD within 5 months. The present trading price is 2512. Almost all major cryptocurrency wallets now support Bitcoin Cash and the demand is increasing continuously. Mining community behind Bitcoin Cash is strong as the Return On Investment while mining Bitcoin Cash is high compared to other cryptocurrencies. 

As the demand, the community support and the increased number of miners for BCC are high it is pretty sure that the price will go up to new heights in 2018. So BCC is a currency to watch out and invest in 2018. haa



IOTA did its first trade on 2017-08-30. Recently Bosch bought a major share of IOTA. The main reasons for recommending IOTA are,

  1. No transaction fees
  2. High Speed of transactions 
  3. Scalability 
  4. Offline Transactions are possible 
 This opensource decentralised cryptocurrency is mainly focused and engineered for Internet Of Things. That is IOTA technology will allow machines to do microtransactions between other machines at very small transaction fees. IOTA technology boosts automation. As per the statement issued by Bosch Venture capital who recently bought a major part of IOTA Tokens IOTA will enable machines to process payments and it can result in giving the automation process a boost. Also, they were impressed about the founding team behind IOTA.

The present value of IOTA is 3.6 USD. It recently faced a major decrease in the price. And it went up after the investment announcement of Bosch Venture capitals. As the price is low IOTA is worth investing. The predictions of IOTA is 100USD by 2020. 

3) NEO 


Neo is also known as Chinease cryptocurrency did its first trade in 2017-08-08. It was previously known as Antshares. It is an implemantation of Etherium. It uses a unique blockchain model which improves the transactions speed. It is backed by Chinease people. Team behind NEO created a hype which resulted in the increased demand of NEO Coin. Also chinease people always prefer chinease products that european. Chinesae government officialy supports this coins and companies based out of china is planning to start accepting this currency. If such a mass adaption happens the price of the coin will sky rocket.

The present trading value of the NEO Coin is $ 77.48 . NEO is worth investing after doing a proper study about the market.

4) Electroneum 


Electroneum did its first trade on 2017-11-09. Also known as the first British Cryptocurrency. It is a mobile crypto currency which can be easily managed by using a Mobile application. Electroneum is mainly focused at Mobile Gaming Industry and also comes with a mobile miner, through which the users can mine Electroneum using the hardware power of the smartphones. Team is guided by Duncan Logan the CEO of Rocketspace, He who guided companies like Uber, HootSuite, Spotify etc  

The token sale of Electroneum  40 million USD, and is one of the most successful token sale till date. It is having more that 3 lack registered usersand it also support offline paper wallets. It is currently listed in cryptopia market at a Price of less that .5USD.

As the present price is very low electroneum is worth  investing in 2018.

N.B : Please do your own market studies before investing !

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