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As we all know google maintains several 'Services' apps for the pixel lineup to check the battery and provide music learning algorithm and all (presumably the Now Playing feature). Providing them as individual service apps helps the tech giant to provide updates faster to them via play store rather than providing OTA s to the whole system which in turn brings us to this new update which just popped up today.

The latest update for Pixel Visual Core improvements brings more efficient HDR+ image processing and other machine learning tasks. Google notes on the Play Store description that “this application updates image processing and machine learning algorithms on Pixel 2 phones.”
Version 1.0.185741828 (from 1.0.166778097) is rolling out to Pixel 2 devices this morning with the update only weighing in at 109 kB. Presumably, users will see some benefit to these updates, but it’s unlikely going to be significantly noticeable. The Play Store’s screenshots just show basic information about software versions.

The above screenshot (Application ID) hints us with a conclusion that the  'Google's first in-house SoC Pixel Visual Core s codename to be 'Easel'.

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