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Hello readers,  in this article we will take a look at the best Vulnerability scanners of 2018. Vulnerability scanners are programs which can help us in identifying the weakness/vulnerabilities of a network/application.

No code is perfect and nothing connected to the internet is safe. So performing security checks are very important as exposing a vulnerable machine to the Internet can result in losing your valuable data. Scanners help in automating such scans to make our resources safe.  A good scanner must give us details about all possible vulnerabilities with least number of False-Positives. So lets read more about our picks for the best vulnerability assessment tools of 2018.

1. Nessus

Nessus is a network vulnerability assessment tool which is said to be the best and most widely used vulnerability scanner. Nessus is offered by the security firm tenable and can be downloaded from their official website. It is having a user base of million plus. Most corporate companies prefer Nessus over other security scanners as it is very accurate and user-friendly. Being a security engineer by profession I will truly recommend this product to all my readers as the rate of False-Positives are very low in Nessus also the detection rate is very high.

                                      As compared to other scanners Nessus is having more coverage to CVE's (25%+) that means Nessus will search for / can identify more vulnerabilities any other network vulnerability scanners. The report generated by Nessus about vulnerabilities covers everything in detail. It will give all information about the Vulnerability and the patch recommendation will be very accurate and helpful. Rapid Updates is also a plus point of Nessus. The present version of Nessus is Nessus Pro v7.x. Multi-User is no longer supported in the new version but the licence is easily transferable from one system to another.

OpenVAS is an opensource alternative for Nessus. For personal use OpenVas is equally powerful as Nessus.

Price: 2500USD - 3000USD for 1-year professional licence

Link to Website:

2. Netsparker Web Application Vulnerability Scanner



Netsparker is a widely used Web Application vulnerability scanner.  A plus point about Netsparker is that the false-positive results generated by it are very low as compared to scanners like Acunetix. Thanks to the proof based scanning technology developed by Netsparker team. In proof based scanning, the scanner will exploit the vulnerability in a read-only safe mode and the results will be based on the results of this exploitation phase. It will categorize a bug as a vulnerability only if it is exploitable, thereby reducing the rate of false-positives drastically. Netsparker also is used in many corporate companies as it is very user-friendly and also pretty accurate. 

Price: 1950USD Per Year
Link to Website:

3. Burpsuite

Burpsuite is an integrated platform developed by for Web Application penetration testing. Burp combines together all required tools for a web application penetration testing. Burpsuite primarily will act as an intercepting proxy to intercept the Request/Response and have features like Repeater, Intruder etc. One of the main features of  Burpsuite is that Burpsuite will allow as to create our own extensions using Ruby, Python or Java. Also, you can download many useful addon plugins from the Burp extensions store.

                                  Burpsuite is also having an inbuilt scanner with the pro edition. The scanner which comes in the pro edition is dead accurate and the false-positive rate is very low. Also, the scanner is good at finding complex vulnerabilities that other scanners won't detect.
As compared to other scanners the pricing of Burpsuite is very low.
The community edition is free and the pro version will cost 250USD which comes with a very good automated scanner.

LInk to the website:

4. OWASP Zap

OWASP Zed Attack Proxy aka OWASP ZAP is an open source project by Open Web Application Security Project. ZAP is a Web Vulnerability scanner. Zap is free and as it is an open source project anyone can contribute to it. The main advantage of OWASP Zap is the community powering it. A group of volunteers works hard for fixing bugs and adding more features. Because of that community support the tool will get regular updates, fixing bugs and adding more features.

          ZAP can also act as an intercepting proxy and thus it is a very good alternative to the Burpsuite. From my personal experience ZAP adds lot of junk data to the server, which can adversely affect the webapplication that we are testing. Crawler of ZAP is very good in collecting data. The dashboard/UI is kind of a complex one. And biginners will find it difficult to understand.

Price: Free


5. IBM AppScan

IBM Appscan is a tool developed by IBM for webapplication vulnerability assesment. It is also widely used vulnearbility assesment tool accross different corporate companies. IBM App scan can perform both webapplication and mobile application vulnerability assesment . I wont recommend it for personal uses as the price is very high and the App is very complex. For companies that develop Application can use this product to test their application before deploying. The scanner is not that powerfull and updated as Netsparker but still it gives a very good result. Results contains less false positives as compared to acunetix. The tool is mainly designed for big development firms. AppScan also creates lot of junk files in the server and also it increases the server load drastically in the default settings. From my experience it is little bit outdated.

Price: 3000USD


If you are planning to purchace a Web Application Vulnerability scanner for personal use, i would  recommend buying Burpsuite or OWASP ZAP . If it is for a company buy Netsparker. YOu can also consider buying Acunetix but Acunetix produces lot of False-Positives. Manual Confirmation is required for each result in the case of Acunetix.
If you are planning to buy a scanner for network vulnerability assesment for personal use, i would recommend you to try OpenVAS, which is an Open Source alternative for Nessus. And for companies Nessus is the best buy.
Thanks for reading. Visit us for daily NEWS and Articles.

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